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TraKKtor - Halo Of Lies 2CD

TraKKtor - Halo Of Lies 2CD

1 Welcome To Sin CIty
2 End Of Days
3 Blitzkrieg Galaxy [Album Version]
4 Halo Of Lies
5 TraKKtor
6 Spitting On Your Grave
7 Orbital Strike
8 MeKKanized Soul
9 Hollow Spirits [Album Version]
10 Drag Me To Hell
11 The Dawn Of War
Tracklisting CD2:

1 The Dawn of War [Falling Skies Remix by Roughhausen]
2 Spitting On Your Grave [Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket]
3 Halo Of Lies [Remixed by Re-legion]
4 Dawn Of War [Remixed by Diversant:13]
5 Mekkanized Soul [Remixed by Ginger Snap5]
6 Blitzkrieg Galaxy [The Blister Exists Remix]
7 Spitting On Your Grave [1991 Remixx by Angst Pop feat. Technomancer]
8 Halo Of Lies [Shock-Pop-Mix by Channel East]
9 Dawn of War [Frontal Boundary Mix]
10 Mekkanized Soul [Kant Kino Symphony]
11 Blitzkrieg Galaxy [Frau Untz Remix]
12 Spitting On Your Grave [Electronic Dreams_WTL Remix]
13 Halo Of Lies [Remix by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio]
14 The Dawn Of War [Remixed by Zargg]
15 Spitting On Your Grave [Remix By Particle Son]

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